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David Liebe Hart’s Official Web Portal [[DO NOT EDIT THIS ONE]]

David Liebe Hart (best known for his appearances on Adult Swim’s Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) is an outsider musician, street performer, sign painter, artist, puppeteer and actor. Hart writes his own music about religion, aliens, women, trains, and his life. David claims that, when he was younger, he was abducted by Korendian aliens who took skin and blood samples from him. He insists that aliens look like humans as opposed to the notion in pop culture that they’re little green men. His most notable song, “Salame”, refers to the salutation of the Korendian race. [Adapted from Wikipedia]


Following the release of his album, Astronaut, David heads across the US to present songs, comedy, video and more. Along with his puppets and backing musician Jonah Mociun, David will perform beautiful electronic renditions of old favorites and new songs from his 2014/15 releases. After the show fans will have a chance to meet David personally, purchase custom-made drawings and much more.